Here's a break down of the services I provide:

Tuning- The act of getting a piano back to its original, intended pitch (usually A440) and making every note sound great when played together and alone.

Regulation- Adjusting and improving the mechanical (moving) parts inside your piano. There are dozens of small parts for each note that require maintenance over time because of wear and tear, temperature changes, humidity fluxuations and old age.

Voicing- The steps taken to improve the sound of your piano whether it be it's dynamic range, timbre (tone colour), reducing 'woodiness' or 'tinniness', etc. Voicing focuses mostly on the piano hammers.

General repairs- Fixing parts that are not functioning correctly, for example if you have a note not making any sound, or if a string(s) is broken. The repairs are either done in-house, or the offending part is taken away to be fixed and afterwards replaced. 

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask!