Here are some frequently asked questions- contact me for more information.

Why should I tune my piano once a year?

Depending on the amount of use a piano experiences, it will need a tuning every 6 months to a year at  minimum.

For the longest lasting results, consider the time of year you'd like to get a tuning. Is it the beginning of spring where there are large changes in temperature and humidity? Or is it a more stable time of year, like June or December?

How much do you charge?

Because each piano is different, be it in their size, age, frequency of use, etc.  every job is unique. For large jobs, an initial assessment is made at the first tuning/appointment and a quote is then prepared. For other services such as tuning and regulation, contact me below with your general need.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask!

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Telephone: (902)848-9425

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Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Why does my piano go out of tune?

It's important to remember the entirely mechanic and organic nature of the piano- wood, wire, cast-iron steel, felt, and ivory.

All of these materials respond to small changes in humidity and temperature every day, which causes the parts to swell or dry out. Swelling adds tension to the strings and usually causes a rise in pitch (sharp). Dryness will reduce moisture content which will usually cause a drop in pitch (flat). After a rollercoaster of humidity changes we experience each year in Nova Scotia, your piano will need a check up!

Why does it take so long to tune a piano?

Many don't realize that some piano notes have more than one string contributing to the sound that you hear. It's only in the bottom octave & a half or so that there is one string. In the upper bass to the tenor portion of the piano, there are two strings. The majority of the strings remaining have three strings per note- and every single one is tuned during your standard tuning... That's around 230 strings total!